Could you go paperless?

Green(er) living:  SpeedCleaning’s cleaning cloths instead of paper towels

The Clean Team has been selling the best green cleaning products since 1986, even before the green living movement started. You can find high-quality, Non-Toxic Products Seal of Qualityfriendly cleaning products such as Red Juice at Red Juice is made from seaweed and available in a concentrate enabling customers to reuse their spray bottles. In addition to green products, The Clean Team also advocates green methods of cleaning, such as using cloths rather than paper towels.

When it comes to cleaning your house, the best cleaning cloths are either microfiber or pure cotton –white only.’s Premium Cotton Cleaning Cloths are the perfect alternative to paper towels and sponges. Most product reviewers on the SpeedCleaning site have commented on how long these cloths last (“decades, ” “bought them 15 years ago,” “used these for over 20 years”) and attest to their high quality.

  • Sold in packs of 12 cloths
  • 100% cotton
  • Generous 20” x 22” size
  • Extremely durable and hemmed to prevent fraying
  • As close to lint-free as you’re going to find with any cleaning Premium Cotton Cleaning Cloths - how to fold with caption Cotton Cleaning ClothsAre you wondering how using cloths that have to be laundered between uses is actually kinder to the environment than paper towels which are biodegradable? The short answer has to do with all the non-green steps that go into making a paper towel that is used once and thrown away:  turning wood into paper, bleaching, plastic packaging and all that’s involved in that itself, etc.

While there are many non-green steps in getting that cleaning cloth to your home as well, it’s used hundreds of times. Wash your cloths with a biodegradable laundry detergent and a natural bleach alternative (like this one from The Hippy Homemaker but we’ve never tried it) instead of traditional bleach for whitening and disinfecting and Voila! You’re Super Green!

Even if you launder your cloths in regular detergent and use chlorine bleach, you’re still doing the environment a favor by not throwing out all those paper towels and saving yourself some money to boot. So stock up on’s cleaning cloths, move that roll of paper towels to a less-handy spot, and give green(er) living a try.

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