You Have the Meal Figured Out But What About the Messy House?

6-Point Plan for Quickly Getting Your House Ready the Day of a Party

Living Room at Christmas HolidayWhatever the holiday or occasion that you’re hosting, if it includes an elaborate meal, that’s generally the first thing on your mind. What to prepare, what to ask guests to bring, what to put on the grocery list, when to do the shopping, what can be made ahead of time – you get the picture. And on top of that, you’ve got the house to clean! Even if you follow a weekly cleaning routine, you’re going to want to do some day-of sprucing up.

When it’s crunch time, don’t overthink it. Don’t obsess – just get it done. And don’t forget to delegate these tasks to family members. Nobody said hosting a party has to be a one-man show. Remind yourself of a fact that you already know deep down inside:  Your guests aren’t going to notice half the stuff you notice. And if they do, oh well.

Here’s a 6-point plan for quickly getting your house ready the day of a party.

1.  Decide which rooms your guests are most likely to spend time in and concentrate on just those rooms. If there’s time to clean elsewhere, fine.

2.  Declutter the most important rooms. This step alone can make a huge difference in how a room looks and it certainly makes it easier to clean.

3.  Clean the bathrooms first after decluttering in case you run out of time before guests arrive. Bathrooms are the exception to the “good enough” rule. They should truly be clean and smell clean. Keeping a tote bin under the bathroom sink stocked with cleaning supplies like Speed Cleaning’s Red Juice, Pro Scrub, paper towels, etc., makes this quick cleanup easy.

4.  Then clean the kitchen to the best of your ability, even though you’re simultaneously preparing dinner for a crowd.

♦ Vacuum or sweep the floor

♦ Run the dishwasher or put clean dishes away

♦ Clean the sink

♦ Wipe the counters

♦ Empty the trash can

♦ Wipe up visible marks and spills on the floor

5.  Moving on to the other important rooms, dust working from the top down. The light fixture over the table might be something that doesn’t get a routine dusting, so be sure to include that. Speed Cleaning’s Flexible Microfiber Duster is perfect for dusting delicate surfaces as well as large surfaces quickly and easily.

6.  Lastly, vacuum. Then you can get yourself ready for your guests and greet them at the door relaxed and smiling. And if something didn’t get done – say it with me – oh well!

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