Humorous pearls of wisdom from Jeff Campbell and The Clean Team How to move a rubber duckyMark Twain said that humor is mankind’s greatest blessing. A sense of humor can help to relieve some of the stress when faced with life’s bigger hurdles, and it can also make the most mundane tasks less tedious. Coming across the quips in Jeff Campbell and The Clean Team’s ebooks on cleaning and decluttering definitely adds fun! Here are just a few.

From the ebook SPEED CLEANING:

On the rules of cleaning – “You use the same technique on a $5,000 Baccarat crystal centerpiece as on a 50¢ garage-sale vase. You may breathe a little differently, but you clean them the same way.”

On removing cobwebs – “Kill all spiders. Or catch them and let them loose outside if you’re a pacifist or if they beg for mercy.”

In The Clean Team rules – “Use the right tools. . . . Give your specialized gadgets to your enemies.” And, “Keep your tools in impeccable shape.  . . . Clogged spray bottles puff up and make funny noises – they don’t spray.”

At the very end of Chapter 7 – “The Oven” (cleaning a non-self-cleaning oven) – “You have cleaned an oven! You may be tempted to go outside and stop strangers to bring them in and show them your clean oven. Resist:  they may track in dirt.”

From the ebook TALKING DIRT:

On cleaning mini blinds – “Highly Opinionated Note:  . . . If you don’t own any mini blinds now, keep up the good work.” And, “1. Raise the blinds as high as they’ll go, and leave them there forever.”

On not getting hair spray overspray on bathroom mirrors, etc. – “You know where your hair is, so standing in front of the mirror isn’t absolutely essential.”

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