3 Tools – 3 Steps – Done: Cleaning your tile floors

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A ceramic or porcelain tile floor is extremely easy to care for, especially compared to an older vinyl floor. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum or sweep regularly, making sure that whatever tool you’re using gets debris up from the grout as well. When it comes to wet mopping, always vacuum or sweep right beforehand, and you can keep your cleaning regimen as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Using a mop with a larger base, such as the Sh-Mop, will get the job done quicker than a traditional 10” sponge mop.
  2. A no-rinse pH-neutral floor cleaner like Sh-Clean makes mopping a one-step process. Why mention that it’s pH neutral? Because some tile and grout manufacturers caution that an acidic or alkaline cleaner can damage the product and discolor the grout. Therefore, Sh-Clean is a good choice. It’s also safe for poly-coated wood and marble floors. If you are able to use a cleaner that is not pH neutral, diluted clear ammonia (just 2-3 tablespoons per gallon of water) is also a good no-rinse cleaner.
  3. Grout that needs extra attention, like in high-traffic areas, can be tackled with a narrow, stiff brush and a fresh mixture of floor cleaner. SpeedCleaning.com’s Sh-Clean can be diluted with more or less water, depending on the cleaning power you need for the job. A perfect brush for grout is one that’s stiffer than a regular tooth brush, such as the Mini Grout Brush. It has a pointed end for corners and an ergonomic handle for comfort.

These cleaning tools, tips, and more can be found at SpeedCleaning.com.

  1. This is easy enough to do with a mop or cloth, hot water, and a mild household detergent (be sure to do a spot test with any detergent before use and/or get recommendations from the italian tile manufacturer).

  2. Very helpful and to the point. Finally, I got this good list of cleaning products which can be used step by step for cleaning the tile or floors. I use that regularly now to make sure the tiles don’t get messy again. It was actually something worth applying and used day by day.
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  3. Does the sh mop work for dry mopping (like a swifter) before I wet mop ?

    • Yes! Used with the terry cloth Sh-Wipes, the Sh-Mop can be used to dry clean floors. Add Sh-Clean floor cleaner for wet mopping.

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