The Tool That Should Be In Every Cleaning Kit and Toolbox

8 Uses for a Razor Blade in a Holder

A razor blade in a holder is perhaps one of those tools that you don’t realize you need until you’re in the middle of a project, and it occurs to you that what you really need right there and then is something sharp, something thin, something very accurate. A razor blade.

Here’s a small sampling of uses for a razor blade in a holder:

  1. Scrape soap scum off shower doors and tile.
  2. Scrape dried paint off windows.
  3. Scrape baked-on food off glass oven doors.
  4. Remove old caulk, either entirely or cut out just a small section very cleanly and accurately.
  5. Peel off stickers and decals, including the adhesive, from windows and smooth surfaces. To prevent scratching more delicate surfaces, dull a sharp blade and round the corners with sand paper first.
  6. Spread caulk and epoxies in a super thin layer or cleanly remove excess material after filling pinholes and scratches before the material dries.
  7. Cut through packaging and shipping tape on boxes; a razor blade is especially effective on fiberglass-reinforced tape. That stuff is tough!
  8. For all you crafters out there, keep a razor blade holder with your craft supplies for when an X-ACTO® knife isn’t strong enough for the task.


For optimum safety, choose a razor blade holder that retracts the blade, such as Speed Cleaning’s Razor Blade Holder with 5 Blades. One product reviewer commented on how securely the handle holds the blade, with even pressure across the entire blade. This holder is available with the Speed Cleaning Apron Tool Kit as well, which also includes a heavy-duty scraper and professional toothbrush – all excellent tools to have on hand.

So if you don’t already have a razor blade in a holder in your cleaning kit or toolbox (how about having one in each?!), be sure to add one before you start your next project. They’re very handy in and around the house!


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