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Cleaning out a sink drain

snazzy Anton

snazzy Anton

Rinse something down the drain and you never have to see it again, right? It just disappears! No it doesn’t. At least, not after you’ve watched so much stuff “disappear” that it starts to back up. Bathroom sink, tub, and shower drains can contain enough hair to resemble the wig on snazzy Anton here. Ew.

When your drain shows signs of a clog, Speed Cleaning recommends first using a manual drain cleaner like the Zip-It® Tool before resorting to a chemical drain opener. Manually removing the hair and debris may be all that’s needed to get the drain running freely again.

Zip-It Tool drain cleaning tool video screen for blog postWatch this video to see how the teeth on the Zip-It Tool go to work. (This video is pretty tame compared to others online showing homeowners proudly displaying what they just pulled out of their drain. Ew again. Check out additional videos at your own risk.)

Because the tool is meant to be used once and discarded, be sure to order one for each drain in your home and perhaps a spare for future use. You can find the Zip-It Tool here at


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