Fact: A Clean House Sells Faster

What to clean to make a home look better and potentially sell for moreHouse For Sale sign

So you’re planning on putting your house on the market and you know you should step up your game when it comes to cleaning. Frankly, this is the time to be overly critical about how clean your house is and chances are you’re missing a lot! America’s Top Cleaning Expert Debbie Sardone is going to break it down for us.

“A dirty house is perceived as neglected and unwanted, and no one wants to picture themselves living in your dirt. So let’s talk about that dirt,” says Debbie. “There are two types of dirt:  old dirt and new dirt.”

  1. Old Dirt: Deep cleaning removes “old dirt” – these are annual tasks or the things you clean to get your house ready to sell. If accomplishing this level of clean has you overwhelmed, consider hiring someone to do it for you. Investing in the sale of your home is worth it.
  • Windows
  • Carpets
  • Baseboards, moldings, doors, cabinet fronts
  • Blinds, shutters, window sills, lock ledges
  • Dust all wall hangings, pictures, and décor
  • Oven, gas stove grates, range hood filter, fridge
  • Ceiling fans, light fixtures, chandeliers
  • Intake vents and air returns (paint or replace if rusty)
  • Refresh caulking, grout in showers
  1. New Dirt: Maintenance cleaning removes “new dirt” – this is the stuff you have to tackle every week to maintain that spotless look for showings.
  • General dusting, polishing furniture
  • Vacuum carpets, rugs
  • Sweep and mop all bare floors
  • Sanitize all bathroom counters, fixtures, showers, tubs
  • Clean all mirrors, glass
  • Wipe down all kitchen appliances, backsplashes, stovetop

Pet owners, try to downplay that there are pets in the home by moving bowls and the litter box to an inconspicuous spot. Use odor eliminators instead of heavily perfumed plugins to remove odors rather than just mask them, and be vigilant about pet hair. For tips on cleaning up pet hair, check out one of our previous blog posts here.

And for more of Debbie’s tips on preparing your home to sell (and what you may want to start with before a deep cleaning!), read “How To Boost Your Home’s Appeal ”.


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