Mopping the floor should not require pain reliever!

Ergonomic suggestions from Speed Cleaning

“Oh man, my back is killing me! I hate mopping the floor.” Mopping can definitely be a pain – literally. The next time you mop, try to pay attention to your posture and movements. The following suggestions on ergonomic practices and tools may make a difference in your comfort.Sh-Mop

*  The mop handle length is important. Speed Cleaning’s extension Versa Pole (available alone or with a base and a variety of covers) adjusts in length from 30” to 54”. This accommodates users of various heights and prevents stooping while cleaning. Adjust the handle to the same height as your chin for optimum ergonomic use.

*  The mop handle diameter is important, too. The Versa Pole has a foam-covered, thicker yet light-weight handle. This prevents hand fatigue from having to grip too tightly.

*  Push the mop with your whole body, not just your arms, to save your back from strain. Try to keep the mop handle as vertical as possible while you’re mopping.

*  Avoid twisting your body, reaching out far with the mop, or keeping your wrists bent for much of the time. Also try to keep your head up as much as possible to avoid strain on your neck.

*  Alternate mopping patterns: forward and back, side to side, figure eight, etc. Also alternate which hand is at the top of the mop handle.

*  A swiveling mop base pivots and is easier to maneuver around a variety of obstacles, saving you extra steps and twisting movements.

*  Floors mopped with a microfiber mop head dry more quickly, which is safer for you and those in the vicinity. Other pluses include that it’s lightweight and it doesn’t require frequent wringing like a traditional mop.

Admittedly, all of these suggestions on posture and movement may seem a little overwhelming, like someone describing how to properly hit a golf ball for the first time. But with practice, you may be able to tackle the chore of mopping without gaining a clean floor and a backache! Ditch the pain reliever and check out for the pole, mop base, and covers to get started.

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