Cleaning Up Your Self-Cleaning Oven

Apron Tools Kit

Apron Tools Kit

Self-cleaning ovens are terrific. Yay! for self-cleaning ovens. But there is almost always some muck left behind when the oven cools down, particularly around the door gasket and window. If you’re feeling especially persnickety and want that Clean-As-Day-One look, grab a few tools and go for it. Of course, follow your owner’s manual recommendations, but these steps should be safe to follow:

*  Wiping out the entire oven with a damp cloth first will remove that white ash residue and any burnt bits, and also reveal the spots that the clean cycle left behind.

*  Spray any remaining spots with a safe cleaner like Red Juice or even just water (remember to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations), and allow it to sit for a minute or two. Then scrape up the spot with a nylon scraper or a nylon scrubbing pad so you don’t damage the oven surface.

*  While you shouldn’t get the door gasket wet in a self-cleaning oven, you can use a damp toothbrush to clean around it. Sometimes this area still has a brown residue on it after a clean cycle.

*  If your nylon scraper or scrubbing pad won’t remove the residue left clouding the oven window, use a little of your cleaner or water and very gently scrape the glass with a razor blade in a holder.

You can find the tools mentioned here – the handy polystyrene scraper, a professional toothbrush, and razor blade holder – in our Apron Tools Kit at


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