From Removing Sticker Adhesive to Cleaning Shower Doors

10 Uses for Furniture Polish

Grab that furniture polish and a clean cloth – we’re roaming the house, looking for things to clean, shine, and protect!

  1. Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets: Furniture polish will not only clean off a light buildup from typical cooking fumes, spatters, hair spray, and messy fingers, it will also add a protective shine to wood. Most polishes are safe to use on painted cabinets as well, but check the manufacturer’s recommendations for thermofoil finishes.
  2. Countertops: Furniture polish leaves a nice shine and protective layer on laminate, tile, and any type of synthetic-material countertop. Read your manufacturer’s recommendations before using furniture polish on granite and quartz surfaces. We suggest a good-quality microfiber cloth with plain water or specific granite cleaner when in doubt.
  3. Fixtures: Add shine and a protective layer to clean faucets and handles, door knobs, and other similar hard surfaces.
  4. Shower Doors: Lemon oil furniture polish will remove difficult water spots and soap scum; an application of regular furniture polish, especially the kind that contains carnauba wax, on clean glass doors will make the water bead and future cleaning much easier.
  5. Wood Railings: For those of you with stairs, when was the last time you cleaned the railing? Furniture polish and a microfiber cloth will do a great job of removing the dirt, sweat, and oil that builds up.
  6. Doors, moldings, and window frames: Occasionally dusting with a light application of furniture polish on your cloth will make these surfaces easier to dust the next time around – the polish leaves the surface slippery smooth and reduces static.
  7. Vinyl, Polyurethane, and Synthetic Leathers: Clean and protect your shoes, purses, upholstery, and more with furniture polish.
  8. Car Dashboard, Console, and Tires: Furniture polish will not only reduce static that attracts more dust, it will also give dark plastic and rubber surfaces a darker “conditioned” look.
  9. Remove Leftover Adhesive: Sometimes you peel a price tag or sticker off and some of the adhesive remains, right? Instead of trying to scrape the rest off with a finger nail, apply some furniture polish, wait a minute, and use a cloth or paper towel to rub it off. Repeat the application if some of the adhesive remains.
  10. Furniture: Of course we have to mention furniture! Wood that has been kept clean and well cared for with a polish that nourishes the wood will look great for generations.

One product to put to work is Speed Cleaning’s Premium Furniture Polish. Fortified with silicone and carnauba wax (a natural, renewable wax that coats the fronds of a particular palm tree grown in Brazil), it produces a great long-lasting shine without leaving an oily residue. You can find this terrific furniture polish at

Using furniture polish on more than just your furniture will leave your home and belongings shiny, easier to keep clean, smelling great, and well cared for!

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