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3 Easy Organizing Tips to keep your entryway presentable

Mead Classroom Wall Pockets from Amazon and office supply stores

Mead Classroom Wall Pockets from Amazon and office supply stores

Backpacks and jackets and shoes, oh my! Shall we continue? Keys, mail, the dog’s leash, more shoes. There’s something about the start of school each fall that puts organization into a tail spin, and it’s immediately evident at the front door or whichever door most of the family uses to come and go. Here are some tips to organize what collects at your door.

  1. Hall tree or wall hooks (even if you have a closet): coats and jackets are more likely to get hung up on a hook than on a hanger that has to be – ughhhh! – taken out of the closet and then – ughhh! – put BACK in the closet AND THEN the closet door has to be closed! Who has the time and energy for all that!
  2. Shoe rack or even just a basket: depending on your space, make it a rule that each family member can only have, say, two pairs of shoes by the door at a time. Pair #3 will be held for ransom.
  3. Small basket or wall pocket file for each family member: use for papers to a parent, papers to go back to the teacher, forms to be dropped off, keys, reminder notes, etc. Each family member is responsible for checking their “in/out box” after dinner, for example, and before leaving the house each morning during the week.

These are simple, affordable additions to your entryway that will help keep the clutter under control and help family members keep track of their stuff. For more clutter control ideas, check out Jeff Campbells’ ebook Clutter Control available at

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