House for Sale? A Daily Chores Checklist to keep it looking its best

Selling your house is exciting! But . . .

keeping it in tip-top, showcase-ready shape is exhausting! We can probably thank HGTV and the like for setting unrealistic expectations when it comes to a real lived-in home.

We talked in previous blog posts about Boosting Your Home’s Appeal and the fact that A Clean House Sells Faster, so let’s look at a checklist of what needs to be done on a daily basis while your house is on the market:Kitchen sink full of dirty dishes

  1. Put everything away that has a storage place. In fact, get the entire family to make it a habit to put whatever they’re using away as soon as they’re done with it. Every. Single. Time.
  2. Make the beds.
  3. Put away all laundry. (Psst. You there – teenager . . . no clothes on the floor.)
  4. Empty and reload the dishwasher. Wipe the counters and table.
  5. Toss unwanted mail, magazines, and newspapers in the recycling bin.
  6. Remove wet towels and wash cloths from bathrooms. Or at least attractively hang them on towel bars or hooks.
  7. Clear bathroom countertops – put away blow dryers, curling irons, and all toiletries. Keep wet cleaning wipes under each sink for a quick finishing touch.
  8. Fluff the pillows and sofa cushions, fold the TV blankets, and stash the remote controls.

America’s Top Cleaning Expert Debbie Sardone has a great tip for home sellers struggling with maintaining that showcase look. Debbie says,

“If the last person to leave the house can spend 30 minutes in the morning doing the ‘daily cleaning’, it’s much easier to keep everything under control. Then maybe another family member can be responsible for spending 15 minutes before bedtime picking up cups, dishes, clothes, etc.”

A general check and touch up of each room should be done minutes before a showing, but touch ups are fast and easy if the daily chores have become routine. And who knows . . . maybe you’ll like the results of this routine so much that you’ll continue it even after the showings are over!

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