This ‘n That – Here ‘n There: Time-Saving Tips

Clock with larger white backgroundIn the Kitchen

*  Storing your cookware and utensils in a cabinet or drawer right next to the cooktop or range as opposed to across the room is a timesaver when cooking.

*  If you don’t have room in a drawer for all of your cooking utensils (think “less clutter – easier cleaning”), one attractive container next to the cooktop filled with just your favorite go-to utensils is a timesaver when cooking and a good compromise on clutter.

*  Cleaning cooktop spills and spatter right away is much quicker than tackling a dried mess days later. A quick wipe with Speed Cleaning’s all-natural Red Juice or Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish will do the trick. (Did you know that our Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish can be used on just about any hard surface to clean, shine, and protect against fingerprints and dirt?) Speed Erasers with larger white background



*  Store a roll of paper towels, an extra spray bottle of Red Juice, a Speed Eraser, and a plastic grocery bag for emptying the wastebasket under each sink for quick clean-ups. As the name suggests, the Speed Eraser can erase most dirt and grime all by itself – no cleanser needed. Just remember, if you have young children in the home or frequently visiting, store solutions out of reach.

Laundry Room

*  Many people keep their sewing supplies in the laundry room. Here’s a time-saving item to store with that sewing box to keep track of all the extra buttons that come attached to many of the new clothes we buy: staple the little packet or envelope containing the button to a page in a binder. Write what clothing item that button goes with underneath. If you’ve got quite a collection, you can add dividers for shirts, slacks, shorts, etc.

*  Keep your cleaning supplies tucked away in a cabinet, all neatly organized in a bin or handled tote tray. Restock your tray with clean Premium Cotton Cleaning Cloths right from the dryer.

*  Have everyone in your household use two laundry baskets, one for lights and one for darks, so that the task of sorting is somewhat done ahead of time.

And how about a time-saving tip from speed cleaning guru Jeff Campbell? Use the right tools. Jeff says, “Give your specialized gadgets to your enemies. You need real tools that cut time to shreds.” Check out the links we’ve provided to some of’s real tools and get busy!

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