Living with Arthritis? Cleaning Tips from The Arthritis Foundation - Cleaning Tips for Living With Arthritis

The Arthritis Foundation, founded in 1948, is the largest national nonprofit organization supporting arthritis awareness through education, legislation, funding, and support programs. The following are cleaning tips found on the Arthritis Foundation website, a great source for helpful information for those living with arthritis. We’ve added Speed Cleaning product suggestions from the online Speed Cleaning Catalog.

** It’s fine to clean one room each day rather than trying to clean the entire house all in one day. Or maybe, on a really uncomfortable day, only clean the areas that see the most activity, the “heavy traffic” areas. You’ll feel better having done something yet you won’t overdo it.

** Look for products with easy-open caps like Speed Cleaning’s Pro Scrub, a tough yet safe silica-free cleanser for the sink, tub, tile, etc. Tools with easy-to-grip handles are helpful too, like the Speed Eraser. A great option for dusting is a microfiber dusting mitt. The knit cuff helps to hold it on your hand.

** If you have a two-story house, keep a complete set of cleaning supplies on each floor.

** Wiping up a mess is easier if done right away rather than after it dries. But if you don’t get right to it, spray your cleaner on it and wait a few minutes before wiping to let the cleaner start to dissolve the spill. For example, Speed Cleaning’s Red Juice is a great grease-cutting choice for dried spills on a cooktop. It’s tough yet all natural and safe to use around food.

** To dust and clean both high and low spots without bending or stretching, try the Sh-Mop. The handle portion is covered with comfortable foam and extends from 30” to 54”. You can slip either the washable terry cloth or the microfiber cover on the base to clean floors, walls, windows, cabinets – anywhere that having the reach of a pole and the convenience of a pivoting base would help.

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