5 summertime household tips you may not have thought of

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Summer is a mix of laid-back relaxation and go-go-go. But the high temperatures, increased humidity, and change in lifestyle can add some challenges to your housecleaning routine. Try these simple tips:

  1. Starting with a clean shower (try Speed Cleaning’s Pro Scrub or Scum Bum), leave shower doors and curtains open after each use to allow surfaces to dry. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing. Most shower curtains can go in the washer – hot water, regular laundry detergent, and a little bleach (for plastic curtains and liners) will remove soap scum and mildew as well as sanitize.
  2. Speaking of mold and mildew, leave your washer and dryer doors open when possible to allow for air circulation. This will help prevent the growth of smelly organisms.
  3. Change your home air filter(s) to get rid of trapped pollen, cut down on dust, improve indoor air quality, and help your HVAC system work efficiently.
  4. If you’re tempted to open your windows at night to catch a breeze, first clean the area between the lower sash and the screen using a stiff toothbrush in one hand while closely following along with a vacuum cleaner hose in the other hand. This will remove dead bugs and loose dirt that would otherwise blow in with the breeze. Follow up with a damp cloth if desired.
  5. Use door mats to catch debris from all those feet coming and going all day long. Placing a mat either inside or outside, or both, will significantly cut down on grit, grime, and leaves getting tracked in.

Check out SpeedCleaning.com for handy cleaning tools, eco-friendly green cleaning products, and additional cleaning tips. Happy summer!

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