Using The Right Tools For Housecleaning

cleaning_apronHousecleaning, as an activity, has the unfortunate distinction of having accumulated more gadgets than tools. Maybe it’s because it isn’t esteemed enough to merit the distinction of its own tools. Baloney! Anything that takes this much time needs its own tools. Any other task that is taken seriously has developed its own equipment, and by now you must surely know that we take housecleaning seriously.

As we’ve said before, the major tool in saving time is a cleaning apron. That’s what is going to make it possible for you to move your other tools, supplies and equipment around the room with you within arm’s reach. And what are you going to put in this apron? Well, we happen to have a few suggestions. First, you should carry with you a set of three tools adaptable enough to be useful in all sorts of circumstances and in all sorts of rooms in the house: a heroic version of a toothbrush, a single-edge razor blade in a holder, and a small scraper or putty knife.

The rest of the stuff in the apron will be supplies (e.g., furniture polish) and equipment (e.g., cleaning cloths) needed to get the job done. Also lined pockets for debris or a wet sponge. It’s that simple. But it took us four or five years to¬†get it that simple – after dozens of design changes to make the apron’s seven pockets and two loops work just right.

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