Your Weekend Essentials

As many of you are quite busy throughout the week, we know the weekend is your one chance to get some cleaning done. To make the most of your time, (meaning less cleaning, more movie watching) you will need a few items to help you accelerate the process. cleaning_apron

  • The first essential item you will need to really get the most bang for your buck is the cleaning apron. Keep your cleaning tools on you while cleaning to cut down on time spent going back and forth to grab your spray bottle, scrubbing pad, cleaning cloths… Trust us, it really is worth it.
  • The second item, and our most popular one, is Red Juice. We couldn’t face a day of cleaning without our heavy duty liquid cleaner. It is truly an all-purpose time saver. You can use it on countertops, molding, doors, toilets, showers, stove tops, and a jillion other surfaces in your home.
  • Third, the essential scrubbing pad. For tough areas, spray with Red Juice and scrub away with the White Pad. Easy-peasy. Plus, it tucks nicely away in your apron (saving you time!).
  • Fourth, keep a bottle of Blue Juice in your apron for when you come upon glass, mirrors, and polished metals. It cleans, wipes off easily, and won’t promote streaking.
  • Lastly, you’ll need some cotton cleaning cloths. Real cotton saves time by cleaning and drying in one step. Unlike paper towels and especially sponges, you can really scrub and then also wipe clean and dry with these durable reusable cleaning cloths.

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