The Best Green Cleaning Products

thumbnail-1.aspWe love to hear feedback from our customers, and we especially love to pass along what others have to say! The Clean Team has been selling the BEST green cleaning products since 1986, even before the big green movement started! We have had overwhelming amounts of love come from our products and we’re happy share our top 3 sellers with you.

Our biggest and most loved product is Red Juice. It is literally the cure-all. It can be used as an all-purpose cleaner, on stained laundry, carpet stains, and even cleaning jewelry. Red Juice is a powerful, biodegradable, odor free, personally safe cleaner–and even more! To start with, the degreaser in Red Juice is made from user friendly and environmentally friendly seaweed, while the degreasers in most similar cleaners are derived from petrol-chemicals.

Our Mixing Bottles are one of our top sellers as well. Think of how much plastic you are refusing to use by not buying plastic bottle after plastic bottle at the grocery store every time you run out of cleaner! With cleaners like Red Juice, you purchase a bottle of concentrate along with a mixing bottle, and it will last you through 20 bottles of ready-to-use cleaner! Talk about staying green. That’s at least 19 plastic bottles that you avoided buying and throwing out! Plus, you can just keep reusing it and save even more plastic waste.

Another seriously green product that makes a big impact is the 100% Cotton Cleaning Cloths. Throw away your paper towels and sponges! These cloths will last you for years. Imagine how many paper towels you would purchase in just one year! It is not only good for the earth, it is good for your pocket book. A real win-win.

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