Why Use Our Cleaning Cloths?

CleaningClothThe best cleaning cloths are pure cotton – white only. Our 100% cotton cleaning cloths are perfect.  Don’t substitute! Retire those old T-shirts, underwear, socks or hosiery, sheets, and most especially newspapers. Trying to use them to clean will make work and waste time. Real cotton saves time by cleaning and drying in one step. They last for years, so they’re much cheaper than all the paper towels you would buy in your lifetime.

Keep a supply large enough that you will not run out once you’ve started to clean. Ours come in a good sized pack of 12. When they are too worn for general use, use them on the oven or other heavy-duty jobs and discard them (but seriously, they will not wear out for a long time). Notice that we call them “cleaning cloths” so as not to suggest they’re in tatters. We use retired cloths that show some signs of wear, but they stop far short of being rags. Cleaning cloths are easier to clean and sanitize than sponges. We wash them in hot water with a liquid detergent and chlorine bleach to sanitize them.

These cleaning cloths are large, 20″ by 22″. You can throw them over your shoulder as you clean around the room!

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