How To Clean Window Blinds

Whether you are doing Spring Cleaning, or  just playing catch up after neglecting your blinds for too long, these helpful tips on window blind cleaning should make the job easier and more successful.  Our expert contributor is Jim Jones of Mr. Maid, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania cleaning service.

1. Use a feather duster or one of the commercial products for dusting each week to clean your blinds. Dusting blinds regularly will prevent you from backbreaking work later.

2. Wrap a sock or cloth around a ruler to clean thin, narrow blinds easily. This is especially good for metal blinds that are fragile and easy to bend.

3. To keep dust at a minimum, rub a fabric dryer sheet onto both sides of the blinds. This will not prevent dust but it will cut down on the amount of dust that clings to your blinds.

4. For a quick dusting (when family or friends are about to pop in), slip a sock onto each hand and rub between each blind which will clean both sides of the blinds quickly simultaneously. (or use a microfiber dusting mitt!)

5. When your blinds have been neglected for some time and are extremely dirty, lay an old sheet or newspaper under the blinds before beginning your cleaning efforts. This will prevent double cleaning duty by catching the dirt before it lands on the floor.

6. When you are vacuuming your floors, if you have one, use the brush attachment to clean blinds. This is great for removing dust from hard to reach blinds in tall windows. Some cleaning services provide this type of cleaning at an extra charge.

7. For extremely dirt blinds you can use a paintbrush to clean them. You can dip the paintbrush into hot soapy water, oil soap or plain water for extra cleaning power. Be sure to use a dry cloth to remove excess cleaner and clean the brush often to prevent transferring dirt.

8. You can clean blinds with a towel if you do it on a regular basis. Spray the towel lightly with dust remover, close the blinds, place towel over the blinds and rub side to side. Reverse the blinds and do the other side to complete the job.

As always use these cleaning tips and techniques at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any damage you may incur.

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  1. I liked that you pointed out that it would be smart to consider using a microfiber cloth or dusting mitt for cleaning blinds. That does seem like it would really speed up the blind cleaning process. That is great for me to know because I am wanting to get blinds installed in my living room and bedroom this July. So, it is nice to know how to clean them.

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