Cleaning Windows The Right Way

Spring is in the air! Now that the weather is becoming more and more lovely, you might be getting the spring cleaning bug…if you haven’t already. If you want to improve the appearance of an entire room in one fell swoop, wash the windows. Few things affect how you feel about a room more than the quality of light coming in through the windows. After they’re clean, it’s amazing how much happier you’ll feel about the room and even life in general. And once you learn how, it’s also easy to do.

Forget about using newspaper or any other exotic schemes you may have heard for window cleaning. In their place, learn how to use a squeegee and you’ll be done with window cleaning in half the time or less. The windows will be cleaner, it won’t be as tiring and you won’t be left with shreds of newspaper all over the house.

You’ll need a squeegee, a squeegee scrub sleeve to apply the cleaning solution,a bucket, a dish detergent, like Cascade (1 Tablespoon per bucket of water), or clear ammonia (2 Tablespoons per bucket of water) and a few clean cloths.


If windowsills are dusty, dust those first. Hose off exterior sills so you don’t end up making a muddy mess. Next, start washing the easiest side first. Grab your scrub sleeve and get scrubbing. Be sure not to get the window too wet, making more work for yourself later on. Always work from top to bottom. Now it’s time to squeegee. Here is the major secret of using a squeegee: a squeegee blade must be dry and must be started on a dry surface each and every stroke. Using your cloth, dry a 2-inch strip across the top and both sides of the window. Place the squeegee blade down in the dry strip at the top of the window. Using a steady, light pressure, draw the squeegee down for the first stroke. Stop the squeegee a few inches from the bottom of the window to avoid splashing. You’ll get this strip with your last squeegee stroke. Wipe the blade dry and repeat until you have moved all the way across the window. Now go ahead and squeegee that last strip across the bottom of the window. Use a cloth to wipe up any extra cleaning solution in the corner, and you’re done!


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  1. I want to get some of my higher up windows cleaned before the winter storms of my area hits. Thanks for explaining that it would be smart for me to consider using a squeegee to clean them. However, I am super short so it might be smart for me to get an expert to help with cleaning the windows.

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