Why Speed Cleaning?

Have you ever had a friend ask you why you use the Speed Cleaning method? I mean, what makes it so great? I’m sure you have your stories and examples of how it has benefitted you, but we like to share our reasons with you as well.

thumbnailSpeed Cleaning takes very, very seriously the amount of time that housecleaning consumes and the limited amount of time in which we have to do it. It’s about time someone respected all those hours you spend scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming. Whatever housecleaning skills most of us have were handed down by a parent or grandparent, who were able to do the work on a full-time basis. Given how our society has changed – more women in America are working, commuting and keeping house – those full-time cleaning methods no longer work. Full-time techniques won’t fit into a weekend. Besides, not many of us look forward to spending precious weekends cleaning house. It’s like going from one job to another.

Speed Cleaning teaches new skills. Learning how to clean (or do anything else) the very best possible way can change how you feel about the activity. As you get better and better at a task, you move closer to the cutting edge of your attention. (Just watch a kid play a video game.) As you get closer to that edge, it’s nearly impossible to dislike what you’re doing. When you learn how to shave off unnecessary steps, motions and repetitions, you’ll move closer and closer to full attention. You’ll become a pure cleaning machine – a Ninja warrior of cleaning, if you wish. 🙂

If you already enjoy cleaning, the payoff is that you’ll have a thoroughly clean house in as short a period of time as possible. If you don’t enjoy cleaning, that’s still not a problem. You’ll get the same clean house, the same extra time for other activities, and you’ll dislike it less.

If you haven’t checked out our book, or know someone who’d benefit, give it a read and tell us how you improve!

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