What Are You Overlooking When You Dust?

dusty-power-cords-tangled-mess-20926037Expanding on last times post about dusting with a vengeance (for quick and efficient dusting), I thought I’d give you a checklist of things that are frequently overlooked when we get distracted. It’s very easy to get lost in thought while you are dusting, so keep these in mind to be sure you don’t miss anything:

  • Windowsills and molding on windowpanes
  • Baseboards
  • Chandelier chains
  • Hanging light fixtures, especially the bulbs
  • Bulbs in table lamps and inside surfaces of shades
  • Telephones
  • Plants (dust broadleaf ones just like anything else)
  • Backs of chairs
  • Curved feet of chairs and tables
  • Crossbeams underneath tables
  • Heater and exhaust vents
  • Tops of books on shelves
  • Bottom shelves of anything, but especially end tables and coffee tables
  • Areas around electric cords that trap circulating dust
  • Drapes near the top
  • Louvered shutters
  • Behind the TV

Keeping this list in mind will help you to eventually dust everything without missing a beat!


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