Dusting With A Vengeance

dustingFor dusting, the strategy is simple: start in one place and then work your way through the rooms without backtracking. Always work from high to low. Dust follows a relentless gravitational path downward, diverted only temporarily by air currents. Unless you have a healthy respect for this physical reality, you will find yourself redoing your work constantly. You will have an understandable human impulse first to dust what’s right in front of you or what’s interesting or what’s easy to reach. Instead, train yourself to look upward toward molding, tops of picture frames, and light fixtures first, always checking for cobwebs.

Finish each area as you pass by. Do all the dusting, polishing, wiping, brushing, wet-cleaning, and tidying you need to do in an area as you pass through it. Change tools and cleaning supplies as needed. If you are dusting happily along with your feather duster and happen upon raspberry jam smeared on the top of the TV, quick! pop the feather duster into your back pocket with one hand as you reach for the Red Juice with the other. Spray with one hand as the other reaches for the cleaning cloth. Wipe with one hand as the other replaces the spray bottle on the apron loop. Then replace the cloth with one hand as the other hand reaches for the feather duster, and you are on you way again. A true blitz – a sign that you are mastering what you are doing. For pity’s and time’s sake, don’t go around the room once to dust, once to polish, once to tidy things, etc.

Pay attention. Be alert to smarter ways of doing what you’re doing. When you shave off a minute or two each time you clean – not by rushing, but by smarter cleaning – that’s what it’s all about. Happy dusting!

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