The Best Way To Clean Your Toilet

How many times in your life have you cleaned a toilet? Once? Twice? 500 times? Have you thought about the quickest and most efficient way to do it? We have, and will share it with you here! This method will cut down on the time you spend at the toilet and give you more time to do…just about anything else you’d rather be doing. In order to clean quickly and efficiently, you must have the appropriate tools at hand, so you won’t need to go searching for them in the middle of cleaning. This is why we recommend the Cleaning Apron. You can get the cleaning apron, along with the kit here. For now, lets talk about the specific tools you will need in your apron and caddy to clean the toilet. You’ll need:

Once you’ve got your apron prepared, you’re ready to start.

First, sprinkle cleanser in and around the sides of the toilet bowl. Dip your brush into the toilet and sprinkle some cleanser on it. Start high in the bowl, on the inside upper rim. Move the brush in a circular motion and clean as deep into the bowl as you can. The water will quickly become cloudy, so be sure to start at the top and methodically work your way around and down the bowl. Don’t forget under the rim! All kinds of scary creatures live there. As you wash the toilet bowl, you are also washing and rinsing the toilet brush free of the cleanser you originally sprinkled on it. Shake the excess water into the bowl and replace the brush. Flush the toilet.

Now for the outside of the toilet. Start at the top of the tank and work down using Red Juice and a cleaning cloth. Use the Clean Team rule, “If it isn’t dirty, don’t clean it.” If the front of the toilet tank isn’t dirty, don’t take the time to clean phantom dirt. Don’t forget to wipe the flushing handle as you go by. When you get to the seat and lid, put them both in the “up” position and follow this sequence carefully:

  1. Spray the underside of the seat, and lower it.
  2. Spray the top of the seat. Don’t wipe yet.
  3. Spray the underside of the lid, and lower it.
  4. Spray the top of the lid. Also spray the hinges and the small flat area of porcelain on the far side of them.

Hang your Red Juice on your apron loop and wipe in the reverse order that you sprayed. That means you start with the small porcelain area and hinges.Now start using your toothbrush where needed. The first target is around those hinges. When finished with that section, raise the lid. Use your toothbrush around the rubber bumpers and hinges. Wipe clean and dry. Wipe the top of the seat and raise it. Use the toothbrush again where needed and wipe dry. You’re done with the lid and seat.

Now spray the top porcelain rim of the bowl. Tilt the seat and lid half forward with one hand and with the other retouch the hinge area of porcelain (catching any splatters). Push the lid and seat back fully upright and wipe the rim clean. Clean all the way down the outside to the floor and around those annoying little plastic caps.

And you’re done!

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