The Clean Team Owner Meets Barbara Corcoran conference in Dallas, Texas

I had the privilege of attending the annual business conference and expo in Dallas, Texas last month.  My son, Stephan Sardone, who owns Sardone Construction invited me to attend this free event with him.  We both are busy and considered just skipping the event, because as a freebie we had very low expectations for it.  My oh my were we wrong, and ever so glad we decided to go.  First off, the real estate mogul and investor on The Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran, kicked the morning off with an inspiring keynote.  Afterwards, Stephan and I got a photo with Barbara, she was incredibly kind and gracious.  Here are some of the powerful points Barbara Corcoran often makes in her speeches about business growth and success:

Take Full Advantage of all the Free Social Media Out There.  Before you go out and blow money on advertising, capitalize on the free online access that leads you direct to your customers.   Blog, Tweet with humor, and make as many friends as you can on Facebook.

Make a Marketplace Report.  The best way to get some attention for your brand is to publish an industry report chock full of statistics.  You’ll be surprised how much you know about your industry once you start putting some numbers down on paper.

Choose Only Really Good People.  Make sure you pick good people to build your business with, as they’ll determine 80% of your success.  The best people are honest and have lots of enthusiasm.

Focus On What’s Already Working For You and Do More Of It.  When you look for ways to expand your business, the real pot of gold is usually the same stuff that’s already proven successful.

Make a System for Everything You Need To Do More Than Once.  I learned from my mom that to run a growing business you need to set up a system for everything.  If you take the time to set it up once, you’ll build your business faster and avoid wasting time and handling customer complaints. puts on a first class event, even though it’s 100% free.  If you have the chance to attend one you won’t regret it.  We were surprised to discover that not only was the event free but we were treated to a continental breakfast upon arrival, then a full plated lunch, snacks and beverages through out the day, and a cocktail hour at the conclusion!  And all the speakers were excellent.  We learned so much for the workshops and materials.   Great event, I plan to attend again next year!


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