Professional Cleaners Learn New Skills During Field Trip

Cleaning Business owners from around the country enjoy the Lattes On Location treat.

At KYSO Consulting, Inc. (the parent company of The Clean Team Catalog) we are proud to be able to help cleaning business owners from around the globe grow and improve their residential cleaning business.  Co-owner Debbie Sardone offers industry-specific consulting to owners who are looking to take their business to the next level.

Debbie recently hosted a one-day training camp at her Lewisville, Texas office for 14 cleaning business owners from around the country.  Here is the itinerary they followed CLICK HERE

For more details and photos of the Field Trip in Dallas, click here to view Debbie’s blog post about the event.

We know our premium products are a great start, but many business owners need help with marketing, training employees, improving efficiency and productivity, and finding and keeping the best staff.  Debbie Sardone owns one of the largest cleaning services in the country, grossing over a million dollars a year with over 40 employees and over 500 customers.   Her 32 years of cleaning business success is available to those who are serious about growing and improving their service.  Debbie’s audio training CDs, DVDs, live workshops and coaching groups are a great way to get the answers you need.   If you are signed into our site as a professional cleaner, you have access to Debbie’s training products.  Some of her most popular include Pricing For Profit,   Cracking The Dirt Code, and No Gimmicks Maid Service Marketing series.

Here are some comments made by attendees of this event:

“This was money and time well spent!  I remember wishing we could attend something like this several years ago.  A small investment for not having to re-invent the wheel and trying to figure it all out on our own!”  Casey, of Illinois

“I was so excited for this event and you exceeded my expectations.  Your staff was great!”  Stephanie, of Virginia

“Loved it!  Sooooooo informative!”  Cherie, of Louisiana

“It was wonderful and your tech was good at showing the Speed Cleaning method.”  Davlyn, of California

“Excellent!  And there was enough time to get all questions answered.” Jim, Pennsylvania

“You under-promise, and over-deliver every time!  This was inspiring, meaty, and a steal of a deal!”  Jenny, Florida

“Wonderful and insightful!” Marty, of Pennsylvania

“Very good!  Especially for new business owners.  Where were you when I first started?”  Leslie, of California

If you need consulting, or would like more information about Debbie’s next training camp or conference, please fill out her contact form:   CONSULTING





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