How To Maintain Your Bathtub

Most tub drains become clogged sooner or later. While it’s not the most pleasant thing to do, it needs to be cleaned out once or twice a year, depending on how quickly it starts to clog.To clean out the hair, which has now probably turned to goo, twist or pull the drain plug out, or remove the lever that operates the drain plug’s closing mechanism. Now you can pull out the stem and clean the hair from the end of it.  OR, to make things even easier, use a Zip It, which you insert into the drain and pull out along with hair and debris.

When doing any kind of maintenance on your tub (changing the hardware, plumbing, cleaning…) be sure to protect it from getting damaged. Lay down a towel or tarp to avoid scratches from your shoes, tools, trash and so on. Even when you are just hanging up a shower curtain, don’t walk in the tub with your shoes. Any grit – and there always seems to be some – caught between the tub and a shoe can cause a scratch.

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