New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized!


The first step to getting your home organized is to de-clutter. It is essential! Ask a dozen people what drives them crazy around their house – besides their spouse, of course – and chances are most will mention clutter high on the list. If it’s not a universal irritant, it’s surely an all-American one. The consequences of clutter are lamentably too familiar:

  1. You can’t find things, and you waste time looking for them, over and over again.
  2. Any sense of beauty or order in a room is out of the question.
  3. You’re continually stymied trying to complete simple daily tasks.
  4. You can’t even begin to clean the house.
  5. Your living space is uncomfortable and depressing.
  6. You’re surrounded by evidence of what a colossal failure at housekeeping you appear to be.
  7. The house is too much of a mess to have company visit, and when the do “pop over,” it’s humiliating.
  8. You’re perpetually living in the past, and never have a sense of catching up with the present.
  9. Certain accumulations in your home can be a fire hazard or even a health hazard.

It’s pretty clear that clutter is the bane of many existences. Make it your New Year’s resolution to eliminate it! Get organized this January and give your home a pleasant, clean and fresh start! We’ll keep you posted for some de-cluttering tips.

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