Daily Cleaning, AKA Clutter

Cluttered-HouseSo, you’ve gotten your spring cleaning out of the way now that summer is just around the corner. Why then do you often think, “How is my house already dirty again?!”? You’ve got to maintain good daily cleaning. This does not include washing the windows or cleaning the inside of the refrigerator. Daily cleaning is what you will need to do…daily…to maintain a clutter and chaos-free home. Daily cleaning is putting things in their place – day in and day out. Dirty dishes from the table (or TV room) into the dishwasher. Coats on their hangers. Dirty clothes into the hamper. The trash set out. The toys put away.

The best solution for reducing clutter is to handle each item once so it never gets a chance to become clutter. Put it away. It takes about two seconds. Try it. If that doesn’t work, you have too much stuff. Add a room, buy more furniture, or have a garage sale. It may help to have designated “clutter areas.” Once you have designated clutter areas, it’s okay to throw things into them. Examples may be the corner next to the front door, one section of the kitchen counter, or the bedroom floor near the closet. After you get in the habit of putting things away in the areas, slowly reduce their size and then finally eliminate them.

Once you start regular cleaning, these daily jobs will take care of themselves as a sense of pride in a clean home encourages everyone in the household to keep the home civilized between cleanings.


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