Top 5 Places To Clean To Avoid The Flu

It feels like everyone you know has gotten the flu…and you’re next. There are plenty of safety precautions to take to avoid getting sick, including frequent hand washing. We have included some places in your home that you may not have considered to be “bacteria heaven.” So check these out and keep washing those hands!

1. Your Purse. When tested, women’s purses had tens of thousands of bacteria on the bottom. They end up on the floor at the office, the store, and even on the bathroom floor. Get out your Red Juice occasionally, and give it a good clean.

2. Wet Laundry. One soiled undergarment from your child is enough to contaminate the whole load. Use hot water or bleach, and wash your hands after coming in contact with the clothes.

3. Your Bathtub. Even though you do clean your tub, you also use it to wash the germs off of your body. The moist environment creates a perfect place for germs to grow. Using your Scum Bum or Tile Juice, give your tub a good clean once a week during flu season.

4. Phones. That could be office phones, home phones, or cell phones, whichever you come into contact with. And think twice about using someone’s phone who just had the flu last week.

5. Keyboards and computers. These can get pretty filthy. Regularly wipe these down. This is good to do even when it is not flu season.

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