Staying Ahead Of Dust

dustWhile some areas of you home (or some homes) may be inherently dustier than others, we have a few tips to stay ahead of the dust!

1. Even with regular dusting with a feather duster, an occasional thorough dusting with the brush attachment of the vacuum is necessary. Use it on all the things you normally dust, such as molding, windowsills, miniblinds, tables, pictures, and knickknacks. Also use it behind the couch, the TV, and other areas you normally don’t vacuum. Change to the furniture attachment, and vacuum the furniture and drapes.

2. Make sure your vacuum isn’t spewing the dust back into the room. Change the bag before it is completely full, make sure the fittings and hose are snug, and check to be certain the exhaust isn’t clogged. Most vacuums have exhaust filters; if yours does, change it according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

3. Have the carpets professionally cleaned – especially if the dust seems to be the same color as the carpet!

4. Change the filters in your heating and air conditioning systems. Upgrade to improved filters if possible. Or purchase an upgraded type of filtration for your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system.

5. Prevent dust at its source with doormats in front of every exterior door.

6. Install a portable room air purifier (HEPA rated, if allergies are also involved). A purifier can make a big difference. Install it between the probable source of dust (e.g., the front door) and the living area of the room.

7. Eliminate sneaky sources of dust like boxes of pop-up tissues.

8. New carpets can shed a huge amount of fibers at first, so vacuum more often after one has been installed.

9. Caulk around windows and doors, or even replace them in extreme cases.

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