How To Remove Crayon Art From Your Walls

toddler-wall-crayons-590So, you have discovered your child’s crayon masterpiece, and are in need of a solution… Use lighter fluid, WD-40, or another mild solvent and a toothbrush to remove most of the crayon from the wall. Spray or wipe with the solvent and then, ever so gently, brush with the toothbrush. Use a cleaning cloth to blot away residue. Finally, spray and wipe the area with Red Juice to remove the last traces of crayon and solvent. Follow the same procedure on wallpaper after first testing for colorfastness and the effects of the solvent and Red Juice in that legendary inconspicuous place. Naturally, you should avoid saturating the wallpaper as well as scrubbing too hard with the toothbrush or cloths. If the solvent fails the inconspicuous spot test or isn’t effective, try paper towels and a warm iron.

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