Mildew Stains On Carpet

Carpet Stain


Unless you live in the flat lands of Texas, like we do, it’s likely that part of your home is below ground level. If you have carpeting in these areas, you may see some mildew stains pop up. This is one of those problems that we probably can’t solve, but we can at least help you avoid creating the same situation again in the future. Mildew in the carpet destroys the carpet and the backing by eating natural materials such as wool, jute, or cotton. What’s left of these food sources are fibers with very little strength. When moved, the carpet may fall apart. Even if you leave it in place, the stains are nearly always permanent. Sorry. But here’s what to do to prevent it from happening again:


1. When you replace the carpeting, select both a carpet and a carpet pad that are 100% synthetic. Mildew eats only natural materials.

2. Before installation, if the floor is concrete, make sure it is properly sealed. It probably isn’t and moisture seeping up through the concrete will encourage mildew growth. Consult a professional at a paint store for advice on a sealer.

3. If moisture is still a problem, install a dehumidifier.

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