Greasy Backsplashes

white-subway-backsplashIf you’re like me, you occasionally notice the buildup of grease or something of similar ilk on the backsplashes behind the kitchen counters. If you’ve tried scrubbing with soap and water, you know that it doesn’t cut it. Soap or detergent alone isn’t strong enough for this kind of grease buildup, so you need Red Juice because it’s a more powerful grease cutter. (You may find that a moderate clear ammonia solution works better than Red Juice on some types of grease.) Also, just as it helps to soak pots and pans that have baked-on grease, it helps to soak a heavy buildup of grease on tiles. To do this, spray the tiles with Red Juice; then go back and respray them a few minutes later. Keep the grease wet with Red Juice for fifteen minutes or more before you start scrubbing. (Strategically position a few cleaning cloths to catch the runoff.) If the grease is especially thick, first remove most of it with a Scraper; a plastic one is safe on all hard surfaces. Then use a stiff-bristled brush because bristles cut through the grease better than sponges or even white pads. They also clean the grout lines along with the tile. Continue wetting with Red Juice as you work.

If the tiles are plastic or have been painted, the grease may have chemically interacted with the surface. If so, the paint or plastic will be permanently stained, and the grease can’t be removed without damaging the tiles or removing the paint.

Good luck cleaning!

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