How To Clean Kitchen Grease Off Your Cabinets

550px-Clean-Grease-Buildup-from-Kitchen-Cabinets-with-Greased-Lightning-Step-3So you have beautiful wood cabinets in your kitchen, but you’ve been noticing that they are getting stickier and greasier…over the last six or seven years. What do you do? It sounds as if the time to take action has arrived. Here’s what to do.

Use a product like Furniture Feeder. It’s a carnauba wax suspended in a solvent solution. The solvent removes the grease, fingerprints, splattered mustard and chocolate, long-dried spritzes of Pepsi, and so forth. The carnauba wax protects, reinvigorates, and adds new shine to the underlying coating on the cabinets.

It’s a big job, however. Seven-year-old kitchen grease does not give up without a fight. Apply Furniture Feeder to the cabinets by pouring some onto an old cleaning cloth. Starting at the top and in one corner of the kitchen, wipe the cabinets in small areas at a time. Dip a toothbrush into Furniture Feeder to clean corners, hard-to-get-at areas, or hard-to-remove spots. Add generous amounts of Furniture Feeder to your cloth regularly. Wipe each area clean, dry, and shiny with a separate cleaning cloth, or use a polishing cloth to achieve a bit more shine. This treatment with Furniture Feeder is a spring cleaning chore that comes up only once a year or so. During weekly cleaning trips around the kitchen, spot-clean the cabinets with Red Juice.

As you clean the cabinets, you will undoubtedly notice that the hinges are also filthy. That is another case where a simple toothbrush tool can quickly scrub away dirt, grime, and other gunk from the nooks, crannies, and crevices that make up a decorative cabinet hinge. Go ahead and clean all the hinges before you continue with the cabinets themselves. Just grab some Red Juice and spray, agitate with the toothbrush, and wipe with a cleaning cloth. If necessary, because of the design of the cabinet or hinge, open the cabinet door, and repeat from the inside. It’s quick and nearly painless. You’ve probably forgotten how nice the cabinets looked when they were new.

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