How To Clean Hair Spray Off The Mirror

HairsprayIf you’ve ever used hair spray in your bathroom, then you know how difficult it is to remove…even when using Red Juice! Hair spray is a lacquer. That’s why it’s difficult to remove. But rubbing alcohol, something you probably have right there in the bathroom, will remove it. Pour rubbing alcohol on a cleaning cloth or paper towel and wipe until the hair spray dissolves and is removed. Wipe with a dry cleaning cloth or spray with Blue Juice, and wipe dry to finish the job. It’s safest not to spray Blue Juice directly framed pictures. It could damage the print and cause a stain if liquid is wicked up between the glass and the print. Note: Stand elsewhere when spritzing your hair. You know where your hair is, so standing in front of the mirror isn’t absolutely essential. Once you have your hair properly coiffed, take a step or two back or to the side before spritzing.

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