Keep Your Carpets and Rugs Looking Good As New!

Carpets and rugs are susceptible to plain old dirt carried onto them by shoes, feet and paws, and blown onto them by gusts of wind through open windows and doors. To minimize the amount of dirt that gets tracked in onto your floors, install mats inside and outside all entryways to the house. Also, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! This should be done several times a week for active households. Vacuum the backs of rugs at least yearly. Spot-clean as soon as a spot occurs. If it’s wet, clean it before it dries. Blotting up a little spill of coffee with a paper towel will remove it almost completely. Follow up with a quick spray of Red Juice along with another good blotting, and it’s gone! That same spill ,if allowed to dry, will be a permanent stain on some carpets. Now, we can’t pretend this is never going to happen, so if it does, tackle that stain with Stain Assassin or Stain Gobbler, or if you come home to a little something from your pet, give it a good spraying with Pet Oops.

One last way to make sure your carpets and rugs stay looking new is to shampoo them. This requirement is different from one household to another, but several times a year is not unusual. This frequency is for heavy traffic areas. The entire carpet area only needs to be shampooed once every 12-18 months.


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