Don’t Let Candle Wax Spoil Your Candlelight Dinner

dripping candle wax 3After having a lovely candlelight dinner, do you find yourself spending more time cleaning off the candle wax than you did enjoying the dinner? We’d like to help you avoid this situation! So how do you remove the candle wax without destroying the candlelight experience?

To remove the candle wax from the table itself, first scrape 95% of it off with a plastic scraper. The wax will come off in chunks if it’s cool, and it will peel off if it’s warm. To collect the loosened wax, use either a whisk broom and dustpan, or a vacuum cleaner with the plastic nozzle attachment. You will get good at this and learn how to remove practically all the wax in just a few minutes. The second step is to spray the remaining bit of wax with furniture polish and wipe it off with a polishing cloth as you’re polishing the entire tabletop. If and when furniture polish builds up, treat the table top with Furniture Feeder.

Candlesticks can be cleaned approximately the same way. While holding a candlestick over a trash can or newspapers, use the same plastic scraper to remove most of the wax. Warm, soapy water and a sponge will remove the rest. Remove candle wax from a tablecloth using the warm-iron-and-paper-towel method, putting paper towels on both sides of the cloth. Pour a little liquid soap on the spot and launder as usual.

Prevention: there is a glass ring called a bobeche that slips over the candle, sits at its base, and catches most of the wax before it drips onto the table. It’s found at good hardware stores and is downright cheap.

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