Three Bloodstains On The Carpet, Ah Ah Ah

cartoon-vampire-16While The Count doesn’t usually display his blood-drinking habit (because he’s a vampire…) on Sesame Street, we know he probably needs a tip or two for getting stains out of his carpet. So what’s the best way to remove bloodstains from the carpet?

Especially in the case of blood, you have a much better chance when the stain is fresh, so this is no time to stop and mix yourself a drink, much as you may be inclined. Instead thoroughly blot the bloodstained area with a cleaning cloth or towel. Blotting (not rubbing) helps avoid spreading the stain. Keep at this until you can’t remove any more blood. Lightly rewet several times with Red Juice or cool water to dilute the remaining blood, and reblot. If the blood was partially dried, or if there is any stain remaining at this point, rewet with a moderate ammonia solution, and gently agitate with a toothbrush. Blot, rewet, and reblot. Finally, cover with several layers of cleaning cloths, several layers of newspapers, and books to provide some weight to encourage complete absorption. Note: Any remaining bloodstains usually respond well to hydrogen peroxide. Use the milder solution sold for antiseptic purposes, without diluting it further, but you must pretest because hydrogen peroxide is a type of bleach. Rewet, reblot, and cover with cleaning cloths and books as above.

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