5 Ways To Clean With Food

1305725950-lemonsLast time, we gave you a few out-of-the-ordinary spring cleaning tips that we hope you’ll be able to use this spring. Perhaps you’ve seen lots of tips involving unusual items…such as ketchup, or banana peels. Well, we’re giving you a few of the funnier tips that we’ve heard (but haven’t tried out) involving food. We want to know if you’ve tried them and what you think!


1. Use a cucumber to polish stainless steel, or remove marks on your walls like an eraser.

2. Remove scratches on your wood furniture by rubbing walnuts into the grooves.

3. Scrub your already hot grill with a half of an onion stuck onto a long-handled fork.

4. Use ketchup to polish copper.

5. Use a lemon to remove lime scale, or put it down the kitchen disposal for a fresh scent.


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