10 Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

When you’ve run out of your go-to cleaner and you just can’t wait to clean (we’re all this excited about cleaning, right?), try these unconventional tricks to hold you over.

fork-floor-chair_3001. Moving the furniture around uncovers all the matted down spots in the carpet, but that’s no reason to not rearrange your furniture. Grab a metal fork and fluff up the carpet fibers. Good as new!

2. Get rid of smell coming out of your kitchen drain by pouring 1/2 cup of baking soda, followed by 1 cup of vinegar down the drain. Rinse with hot water, and you’ve got an odorless sink! Throw some lemon peel down the garbage disposal for some added freshness.

3. Coffee filters can be used to clean glass and mirrors. A little glass cleaner and the coffee filter gets you streak-free mirrors in no time! Then, of course, you have time to sit down and enjoy your cup of coffee.

4. Get rid of burn stains from pots with some kind of cola. Soak your pans in the soda over night and the stains will wipe right off by morning.

5. Use baby oil to shine up just about all metals, from chrome faucets to your stainless steel fridge.


6. A tennis ball is a great tool to remove scuffs from your floors without scratching them. Try putting a little water on the scuff and give it a firm rub with the tennis ball.

7. We all have old socks. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing your spouses socks that have holes in the heels… Now you have an excuse to repurpose them! Slip an old sock over each hand for instant dusting mitts! You can use one hand for glass cleaner, and the other for furniture polish.

8. Ice cubes remove gum from carpet. Hold it on the gum until it hardens, and then just scrape it up with our plastic scraper.

9. Don’t discard that end piece of white bread yet… Use it to rub over greasy fingerprints on the walls. The key is the spongy, absorbent white bread.

10. Do you scuff up your baseboards with the vacuum cleaner? Never again! Put masking tape over the edges of the vacuum head, and you’ll never leave proof that you bumped into the wall…

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  1. I have been really struggling to keep my house clean for the past three months. Thanks for explaining that it would be smart for me to think about using an old sock to help with dusting. That does seem like it would help the dusting process go faster. It might also be smart for me to consider getting a professional to help me deep clean my house once a week.

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