Women’s Day Magazine Features the Speed Cleaning Apron

Speed Cleaning Apron Featured in Woman's DaySo excited to check out the November 2011 edition of Women’s Day Magazine where our world-famous Speed Cleaning apron is the star of the show on page 24.  I could hardly believe my eyes when I opened to the section on Speed Cleaning your home and there, front and center, big as life, was the Speed Cleaning apron, created and perfected by Jeff Campbell more than 25 years ago, and still one of the most popular items on our Clean Team Catalog website!

Anyone who wants to clean a home in half the time should own the Speed Cleaning apron.  It’s not optional.  It’s not just a good idea or a novelty.  The Speed Cleaning apron is the key to the entire Speed Cleaning system.  And make no mistake, this method is a system.  It’s not a collection of tips.  It’s not a book of “how to’s” on cleaning this, or cleaning that.  Speed Cleaning is for anyone serious about getting the job of housecleaning done in half the time.  This system has never been improved on.  No one has written a even a copy-cat book on the system of Speed Cleaning.  Oh, there have been several copy-cat “Speed Cleaning” books of tips and room by room cleaning suggestions, but only the ORIGINAL, authentic, Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell book teaches you a proven, systemized approach to cleaning your home in half the time.  That’s why we’re so proud of it and love being able to sell it here.

So why is the apron so special?  Here’s why:

  • Like a carpenter’s belt – who could work with out it!
  • The apron protects your clothing
  • loops on the sides – to carry Red Juice & Blue Juice
  • Deep pockets to carry cleaning cloths, tools
  • Trash pocket for debris
  • Custom made, like no other
  • Fast snap adjustable closure
There have been many imitations, but none have measured up to the Original Speed Cleaning Apron.  Durable, comfortable, and a must have for efficient cleaning!   Cut your time in half when you clean with the Speed Cleaning Apron and the Speed Cleaning book and take back your weekends now!

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