Speed Cleaning for the Pros featuring Jeff Campbell and Debbie Sardone

Speed Cleaning For The Pros is training for the OWNER of a residential cleaning business, not the employees! You can’t train your staff in speed and efficiency until you master the thinking skills of how Speed Cleaning will impact your bottom line. This 10-disc DVD set was taped in front of a live audience during a two-day conference hosted by Cleaning Business Expert Debbie Sardone & author Jeff Campbell. Together they introduce Perfect Maintenance Cleaning (PMC), Pay For Performance, Attracting Career Cleaners, and more.



This DVD set describes exactly what your company should be offering when you do your weekly or bi-weekly house cleanings. Then there are the steps involved in training your customers, your workers and yourself on what Perfect Maintenance Cleaning is and how to deliver it perfectly! This set also includes how to conduct your in-home estimates; so one DVD is devoted to that subject. Finally it’s also about how to pay your workers so that they are rewarded for their work while guaranteeing that you also make a living.

Plus you’ll receive the original Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell DVD which is perfect for training your staff.

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