Check Out This Video Featuring Jeff Campbell, The Speed Cleaning Guru

In 1979, Jeff Campbell came to a crossroads in his life. He felt it was time to leave the sheltered life of a corporate executive and strike out into a business of his own. After researching options, Jeff decided that he wanted to create San Francisco’s finest housecleaning service and besides, he couldn’t afford a Bed and Breakfast on Maui.


After several years of serious application and analysis, the Speed Cleaning system emerged. Jeff and his staff didn’t know it at the time, but they had fundamentally changed the art and science of housecleaning. What began as the official Clean Team Training Manual eventually became a book called, naturally enough, Speed Cleaning. In it, Jeff revealed the step-by-step process of Speed Cleaning along with the products The Clean Team had chosen as most effective and most user and environmentally friendly. The book caught the imagination of people everywhere and became a best seller.


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