Back by Popular Demand: The Clean Team's Tile Juice

Win the war with the shower stall.

The Clean Team's Tile JuiceWeary of soap scum and hard-water stains on the bathroom tub, shower, and tile? Send them down the drain with Tile Juice, our bathroom tile cleaner. Soap scum and mineral deposits make a home for unsightly mold, mildew and bacteria. Tile Juice melts away these deposits without back-breaking scrubbing. It’s a powerful, fast-acting liquid cleaner that leaves a fresh, clean fragrance behind. Contains no abrasives that might scratch tile. Tile Juice has a reliable, well-tested formula for moderate scale and hard water. Scum Bum is new-age technology for severe mineral/scale problems found in many parts of the country. We use Tile Juice in San Francisco, where the water is not particularly hard. You may need Scum Bum, it can be used exactly like Tile Juice, so there is no conflict with instructions in our books.

(Not recommended for use on marble, granite or stone surfaces.)

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