Speed Cleaning Rules, Part 2

These remaining speed cleaning rules will help you to cut your cleaning time in half, so remember to follow them every time you clean! Learn, practice, review and perfect these rules. It’s worth it!

5. Don’t rinse or wipe a surface before it’s clean. You’ll just have to start over. In other words, when you’re cleaning a surface, don’t rinse or wipe just to see if you’re done. Learn to check as you’re cleaning by “seeing through” the gunk to the surface below.

6. Don’t keep working after it’s clean. Once you’ve reached ground zero, stop! You’re cutting into VLT – Valuable Leisure Time. Rinse or wipe and move on.

7. If what you’re doing isn’t going to work, then shift to a heavier-duty cleaner or tool. You’re going to get very good at knowing what tool or product to use without having to throw everything in the book at it.

8. Keep your tools in impeccable shape. Dull razors scratch – they don’t clean. Clogged spray bottles don’t spray.

9. Repetition makes for smoother moves. Always put your tools back in the same spot in your apron. You can’t spare the time to fumble around for them. And you can’t afford to leave them lying around in alien places for the dog to carry away. You’ll quickly get so expert you’ll become aggravated if the tool you expected isn’t in the right spot when you reach for it. Progress, progress.

10. Pay attention. Almost everything else will fall into place if you do. Don’t think about the revisions in the tax code. Or anything else. In Latin: Age quod agis – “Do what you are doing.”

11. Keep track of your time. Get a little faster every time. 

12. Use both hands. Your work force is half idle if one hand is doing all the work. Finish one step with one hand and start the next step with the other. Or, wipe with one hand while the other steadies the object.

13. If there are more than one of you, work as a team. You’re what the biologists call a “superorganism.” If your partner gets done ten minutes faster, the team gets done ten minutes faster. And that is a wonderful thing.

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