Unclutter In Time For The Holidays! Rule #3

The holidays are fast approaching. Have you begun uncluttering your home with rules number one and two? If not, take a minute and read about Rule #1 and Rule #2 to get caught up. The goal: a beautiful, clean, uncluttered home by the holidays!


Rule #3

Efficiency counts, so store things accordingly.


Storing things efficiently reduces clutter, and makes it easier to replace items after each use. If it’s easier, it’s more likely to happen. So, what is efficient storage? It means that what you need is close to where you use it or where you expect it to be. For example, if the recycling bins are in the far end of the garage, no one is going to use them. Move the silverware and plates to a drawer and cupboard between the table and the dishwasher. If the kids usually throw their coats just inside the door, move the coatrack there. Move the vacuum to a downstairs closet, where it’s more convenient.


It also means that the things you use most often are stored in the most easily accessible places. We’re going to call those “hot” items and “hot” places. Your list of “hot” items might include measuring cups, keys, dish soap, spray cleaners, like Red Juice, the corkscrew, etc. Resist the temptation to return rarely used items to “hot” places or you will end up with your silver polish in front of the furniture polish. “Hot” places are easily reachable ones such as top drawers, eye-level cupboards, and the front sections of shelves.


Lastly, store all similar things together. All of your different shape and size vases should go together, that way after one is cleaned, there is no question about where it should go. The same goes for food inside cupboards and even the fridge. The easier you make it for things to be put where they belong, the less clutter will appear. You’ll also know where all of your things are!

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