Cleaning The Stains From A White Sink

White sinks are not easy to keep clean.  Especially if you’ve made the mistake of scrubbing the finish off with harsh cleansers.  The etched surface only grabs and holds stains even more.  I love a clean, white kitchen sink.  The whole kitchen seems cleaner when my sink is gleaming.   I usually try to aim for the actual drain when pouring out left over coffee, wine, or tomato sauce.  But not everyone in the family is this diligent, and I miss the drain about half the time.  I used to scrub like mad to whiten my sink when I got tired of looking at the ugly brown stains, only to have to start the whole scrubbing ritual over again in a few days.  But then I made a discovery that I am quite excited about.  You already know I love Red Juice, that’s a fact.  But I keep finding more ways that Red Juice makes life easier and cuts cleaning time in half.

I always keep a small sample-size Red Juice Concentrate on my kitchen sink ledge.  I zap super stubborn stains with my full strength Red Juice when my ready-to-use strength is just not enough.  You see, I have white counter tops, and a white sink, and they are 20 years old.  It’s hard to keep those clean.  So, one night I looked at my kitchen sink stains in utter disgust.  It was late and I didn’t feel like scrubbing out those stains, so I grabbed my Red Juice Concentrate and sprayed the entire inside of my sink liberally and left the room.  About 30 minutes later, I returned, rinsed the sink with my sink sprayer and WOW it was clean!  To scrubbing, no harsh cleansers, and best of all no toxic chemicals–and the sink was spotless!

Wow, a new use for one of my favorite products–the perfect white sink cleaner!  Red Juice Concentrate, full strength with about 30 minutes “dwell” time works wonders.  No scrubbing, no etching, and no toxic chemicals.  Nothing but a gleaming white sink!

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