Holiday Decluttering, Rules 6, 7 and 8

Yep, we’re laying it on big time…3 rules in one blog, but we think you can handle it. 😉

Rule #6

Pick a number and stick with it.

This rule refers to Rule #5, so if you need to go back and reread it, click here. If you really do use an empty mayonnaise jar for storing fat drippings, go ahead and save one. Uno. One more than zero. And don’t save any more jars until you’ve used the one you’ve saved. If you intend on saving boxes for packaging future gifts, pick a number and stick with it. Maybe choose to keep 4 boxes of varying sizes stored inside the largest one. Whatever you do, don’t exceed the chosen number. If you come across an irresistible box, toss one of your others when you add it to your collection. This rule applies to many things in your household: magazines (i.e. toss magazines older than two weeks), purses, socks, cleaners… Pick a number and stick with it.

Rule #7

Use a filing cabinet.

Every home needs a filing cabinet, not just those with a home office or those belonging to your super organized friends. Invest in a filing cabinet. Be sure to get a filing cabinet that has built-in metal frames for hanging file folders. This will just make your life easier. Besides obvious items you should be filing away, such as bills, important papers and correspondence, the filing cabinet can be used for warranty cards, product information, instruction booklets, stationery, stamps, kids’ important schoolwork, tax returns, receipts, invoices…the list goes on. Use it to your benefit.

Rule #8

Do something.

This rule isn’t as flippant as it sounds. Most of us have some idea of what to do to solve our own clutter problems. We may not know exactly what to do, or exactly where to start, or what to toss and what to save, or what we need to buy in the way of shelves or storage baskets. But we do know we need to clean out, toss and organize. Don’t just fret about your clutter or get stuck by your own indecision. Don’t think about how you’ll never be as organized as your friend John. Get the areas of clutter that bother you under control and quit beating yourself up over the rest.It’s quite unlikely your efforts will make the problem worse, particularly if you use the rules.

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